mf (Research-recording) – With “TAKIM” in Kapesovo Zagoriou

A wonderful evening ,a great concert. KAPESOVO Monday, August 13. The Methexis Foundation with Ilias Gkartzonikas , Dimitris Gkartzonikas and Christos Katsanis, recorded shortly and will screen the show “En Horo” complex “Takim”, presented in a unique way and selected songs purposes of the common musical tradition in Greece, Turkey and the Balkans as well as favorites “Zagori.”

The “Takim” is a group consisting of eight virtuoso musicians: Alexander Arkadopoulos clarinet, kanun Panos Dimitrakopoulos, Thomas Constantine oud, George Marinakis violin, percussion Andreas Pappas, Costas Meretakis percussion, bass John Plagianakos, Manos Koutsangelidis vocals. The music of Constantinople and the trip across the eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans. From Smyrna and Alexandria … to Epirus and Zagori. The music of the old cities …

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