A discussion on the web for INNOVATION between David Kolliopoulou, Anastasia Psomiadis and Christos D. Katsanou

Wondering what is Innovation. After: – little thought is the truth – came to the phrase “is what everyone wants, everyone thought, everyone congratulated, but one does.”

Anastasia Psomiadi What they have not understood is why innovation is innovation to be associated with economic benefit … (;)

Giorgos Kolliopoulos Because something opens up a new perspective on the things we have makes us “see” new products, services … It is a basic human need, entering a new street, exploring, entering more and more into the quest this. Do not do that with the economic benefits in mind, but in the process, since this new road takes instantiate products or services, the

gain comes as a result of the search. Eg most innovative scientists of the need to write this story and comes methystera financial gain … Now, it is certainly problematic if the reason we want to innovate, just to see the search for Ithaca (basic human needs) as El Dorado.

Anastasia Psomiadi They are great conversation … and yet innovative with disappointment when the common good result … the benefit of society as a mechanism … and the system itself eliminates innovation showing forth the “Where is the money”??? Briefly saying, “Since you do not make money is not innovation” … NOT compatible with the idea … So we continue to move into our own paths … made by our own principles and values … without heading towards streets that tell us the social structures …. And this is 🙂 How about innovation;

Giorgos Kolliopoulos Any innovation should, in my view, be socially usable, otherwise no value. Our own ideas create innovations “promise” to be potentially useful. In the society we live in, we are inspired by it, but trying to “see” differently than others see in common. In this sense, at some point, will meet both “visual”. As one (it is known what is) not going to devour the other (equally known and what is it), then no problem. The two worlds coexist, the money will come and the progress of society Cain ideas translated into action. In countries, however, such as Greece, the dominant visual (usually simply “claims innovations”, but ignores, in essence, what the word means) swallow than the other, under the guise of money, if they do not come in ” right time “(usually within one to two years). In Greece still seeking novelty ourselves, first of all and then the innovative ideas that need to revisit a novel ourselves, unwritten, tabula rasa, to reset and then start the journey of innovative thinking.

Anastasia Psomiadi And one of all, which we could come to conclusion is that for Greece the “obvious” because it differs so much from the beaten track … an innovation … The Way of an anthropocentrism innovation … We continue the journey the obvious 🙂 historic opportunity “crisis” to re …

Christos D. Katsanos Innovation: Cain and intersect. Where the new intersect the old and opens new, better way. So do not eliminate but still old, so it useful! The question for me is. In such a culture, we can all become innovators – and hence useful or culture is a prerequisite; If yes, how much time changing cultures; How George and Anastasia;

Giorgos Kolliopoulos In my view, the integrated culture is a prerequisite for someone to go into a novelty, apart from the real geniuses beyond any notion of education and culture and create whatever background. Here in Greece, with a deficit of education we all know that innovation comes as a shock, not as a natural consequence of an integrated culture. So only “improvised innovative” we can talk, that go beyond the reef culture and “coordinated” with the wind of the West (for a few moments or more) and so capture the essence of what it takes for the “global citizen” and not the introvert, enclosed Greek. Now, to change a culture, you probably need to change the first all levels of education fundamentally to go two to three generations of Greek-inherited this change. They will bring greater percentage innovations in Greek society and especially NOT be improvised, will have the backup of integrated culture behind them.

Anastasia Psomiadi Anything that has social value is useful … In such a culture, and if you generalize, we can be innovative … Anyway … Unless we assume that X level culture (or lack thereof) encapsulates our compartmentalised and certain social standards … to the point of suffocation … Then we can be innovative because we are dead or nonexistent social … With a minimum FOS …. anyone can innovate … even if others do it for him … In regard to the time … All (even ALL) is about … and slow … We await your reply Chris …

Christos D. Katsanos Assuming the view of George that exist today only “improvised-innovators’ maybe the next move today is communication – working together to create a” critical mass “that can make changes faster than the change in culture of our society;

Anastasia, innovation is a key component of the soul (my deep faith). Let us remember the joy you feel when someone solves a problem in its own way! Which of course is accompanied most often by “punishment” since it is not consistent with lysari (socially acceptable). So Maloney cultures welcome change when the new (well done in childhood, with financing from banks or investors at older ages, etc).

Finally do you have to work for it today “together – building critical mass” but at the same time we encourage-engage in innovative new initiatives so that they feel the reward and support resulting in a change of our culture medium to long term; Just ask …

Anastasia Psomiadi’m absolutely consistent and vigilant … even when I am at rest … open to keep up (-We declare) on the path of innovation … The POWER IN THE UNION … Only in this way can bring about a change … yet – I repeat, though this late …