mf & ” Epirus Tsipouro (Raki)”

On the Continent, and particularly in Ioannina and Arta’s great tradition raki and without glykaniso.Apo December 2011 (Official Gazette 12.30.2011 3211V) Tsipouro continent (or continental bream) is an indication of PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).

His relationship with Methexis Foundation wine was known from previous post. The “Continental Raki”, this particular product, linked to tradition and lifestyle of the inhabitants of Epirus years associated with mf. To a member of the “mf” Elias Gkartzonikas with many people who love the tradition for years honoring the Continental raki with a celebration that became an institution. We rely, in the past this process, but especially this year recorded the last festival in the city center and the next step is to promote, with a tribute to prepare through the “En Horo” feast of raki in public and through social media to disseminate worldwide.

Also plan, one that suits more to our purposes, in addition to participation, and promotion of themselves “continental raki” we consider worthwhile and where done with caution “authentic” process. In his diary mf currently for many years now, celebrating with friends in real places worth coming our genuine local product. For this reason we decided to organize related activities around the “continental Raki”.