mf & Ecomarathon 2012 (Romania)

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With a wonderful time in the beautiful nature around Moieciu de Sus held the EcoMarathon 2012, race ‘twinned’ years with the Olympus Marathon. Fans Romanians celebrate the Greek struggle massively every year, so she has developed a special relationship after excluding other are both games of the series MNRIC (Mountain Running International Cup). The route cleverly designed as a shamrock (a trademark of the game) was removed and passed through three cycles 2 times from the beautiful village thus enabling viewers and friends of athletes to support them and their apotheosis.

In the race of men was the pedestal Romanian. Winner of the Romanian Ionut Zinca of Valetudo Skyrunning Team with a time of 3 hours and 35 minutes which was the lead of the race from the start. Great battle was up to 5km from the finish for the next two podium positions where eventually George Buta, local runner took second place with 3:59:42 and Ionut Galiteanu the third with 4:03:39.

In women known Italian Cecilia Mora of Valetudo Skyrunning Team took the victory as comfortable with the “colleague” in 4 hours and 22 minutes and occupying a highly prestigious 11th position overall. The second and third position was occupied by Isabella Labonia and Daniela Marin with 4:35:15 and 4:44:56 respectively, positions considered here in the last kilometers of the last cycle.

In the struggle involved athletes from 20 countries, which obviously gives it an international character.

The EcoMarathon is a 42km mountain marathon and 2,400 positive height difference and gives one point for anyone who wants to qualify for some of the matches of UTMB. Besides the big race, run in parallel and EcoCross, race “acquaintance” with the mountains and the beautiful nature of the region, 14 km distance and 600 positive elevation difference and the EcoKids games had 300 entries from kids of all ages!

In Ecomarathon 2012 participated Chris Katsanos member of mf for years involved in similar events two choron.Peran this mission were Helen Matthaiopoulou-Katsanou seimeteiche that the struggle and the photographic depiction of the journey undertaken by Gregory Daris.


Στον Ecomarathon 2012 συμμετείχε  ο Χρήστος  Κατσάνος  μέλος του mf που εδώ και χρόνια συμμετέχει σε παρόμοιες εκδηλώσεις των δύο χωρών.Πέραν αυτού την αποστολή αποτελούσαν η Ελένη Ματθαιοπούλου-Κατσάνου που σειμετείχε στον αγώνα και  την φωτογραφική απεικόνιση του ταξιδιού  ανέλαβε ο Γρηγόρης Δάρης.