mf: Friends of Xinomauro: HARVEST 2012, first part.

The “Friends of xinomauro” (full text

The location (Rodochori) The Variety (Xinomavro), the clonal selection Vineyard, Winery (ARGATIA) led to the creation of a top varietal wines – Xinomavro of ARGATIAS. The Charis and Panagiotis – ARGATIAS-founders along with Chris on a discussion oinogefstiki decided to call people together who have the same philosophy about life, love Xinomauro, they like to collaborate and share their experiences. Like this were made in 2010 “Friends of Xinomauro.”

The Methexis Foundation (mf) believes that the “Art of Everyday Life” is an essential component in dealing with the vine and producing a wine produced but with a certain “philosophy”.

With the closing of this year’s wine year which marks the ¨ Harvest “and making a short review, we present some thoughts.

The production of Xinomavro the Argatia and Friends Xinomavro create a chain initiation into the secrets of nature and ancient relationship between man and wine. In this case this is mainly achieved by the combination of science with the traditional approach of limited production with the example of the founders of Argatias with a lifestyle that combines professionalism and daily mochtho.Ena rural management model of production with respect to the incredible natural surroundings Rodochori, combined with the hospitality and the diffusion of knowledge.

For this reason, the “Friends of Xinomavro ‘there are friends one of another wine. People are involved in a process with a specified mode.

Finally another full circle, we know that our children approached the number of the last twenty vintage and tasted the “stafylozoumo” learn and approaching from the right side of the vine, nature, work and play in nature, near a family produces wine with her own hands, made sweet fruits, vegetables quality, natural products made fertilizer, etc., and can accept other people to share each year of good or moderate crop, with the joys and concerns.