Methexis foundation -KALARRYTES IOANNINON: Research & Recording

Methexis Foundation ( completes the survey / registration for the historic village Kalarrytes Ioanninon.The  process will be completed in the recording of oral evidence to be given by Kalarrytinous in Ioannina.

The Kalarrytes is an Aromanian village and a former community in the Ioannina regional unitEpirusGreece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality North Tzoumerka, of which it is a municipal unit. The population, as of 2001, is 223.The Kalarrytes mountain village situated on the western slopes of the mountain range of Pindos the prefecture of Ioannina in Epirus. Located at the southeastern tip of the prefecture of Ioannina, 56 km SE of Ioannina. The settlement flourished particularly in the 18th century. with trade (weaving, silk from Thessaly, raw skins, et al.) and the development of handicrafts (works in silver and gold) during this period many inhabitants of Kalarrytes kept trading houses in many European centers.

Many “Kalarrytinoi” submitted experiences, experiences, knowledge. Everyday people, university professors, mule drivers, tailors, owners of old shops, shepherds, cheesemakers, Silversmiths, museum owners, musicians, etc.

The last weekend was the major contribution to the organization of: Basili Lupa, Dimo Mousafiri, George Kotsia and originating from Kalarrytes-residents and non-village.