M E T H E X I S “F O U N D A T I O N


Methexis: in ancient Greek language means share.

In modern Greek: mental meeting, contact and communication

In philosophy:

To designate the creator Tut energy of Ideas for appreciable Plato uses the term “Methexis.”

1989 was the year that many friends gathered in Thessaloniki, as students or people seeking an outlet in a city with a great cultural heritage.

At the time of the workshop was kneaded “meeting” the idea that man, influenced by the installed system technology and modern lifestyle oppressing creative ‘ON’ exploration and production art & culture, critical thinking and interpersonal contact.

Any abundance of materials and instruments is now accepted that paradoxically associated with anxiety and loneliness. This shows the error of our lifestyle, passive mode and the minimum “activity.”

The move “Methexis” was created in the early twenty-first century to cover fixed “beliefs” and “needs” of its founders and aims at universality of man and the art of everyday life «The Daily Art of Living», following the dictum Chouaitnchent the “Mission of Reason is to promote the Art of Life”

In 2009-2010, the era of “Homo Dictius”, this understanding friends reunited and made their first move to their ancestral seat.

“It is up to us to finish the job, but we have no right to stay out of it”

Erich Fromm


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