The founding members have the understanding that in recent decades the main feature of human existence is the absolute specificity of the individual and the group of humans to “groups” common characteristics, absorbed by the human figure anything else out of the area of specialization of each. The increase in production and consumption have led to even greater consumption demand, reduce the production of useful things in a non-term passivity.

Those new conditions created led “ecumenical people” who lived for thousands of years on our planet to extinction. Man to ensure his need for confidence and certainty was powerless associated with loneliness and stress, losing their real personal lives and interpersonal relationships. The founding members of the movement believe in a different approach “KATHIMERINOTITAS” by entering the word “ART” into the human community.

The idea is not the Art of Everyday Life becomes “ACT” through “Methexis” as dictated by the definition of. Analyzing note that we must all act with actions related to the mind, body, science, art, culture, nature, within this challenging global environment that sets the global system known to the lack of time and money .

Any quality activities outside of work an average family model, especially for parents, is now a luxury. Mental peculiarities, young talents, concerns people lost daily by us and are not protected. The dangerous shrinking any copyright or other activity on the pretext of non-specificity and participation, ie the non-production of ideas and action, oppress us and our neighbor, something widely discussed all of us.

The members of the movement are trying to fill an inner need them to communicate with their peers and improve their expectations and the lifestyle they have chosen.

They do it because they believe that there are other friends who can share similar experiences and why they might be able to support newcomers in Greek and World level.

So we felt that the respective partner institutions, associations or political organizations and others have specific molds, hierarchies and systems are pretty much the founding members have “walked” to not want to create something similar. We believe that these systems do not perform satisfactorily in most production ideas. The difference between “ideas” that lead to active thought and prefabricated ‘ideologies’ led us to a new «think tank» is the «mf», driven by friendship and common route and demand more and more friends who want to engage, so as to produce new ideas related to the current needs of man.


The participation and human action through ‘Methexis “in Art Everyday or” The Daily Art “believing that art in the 21st century is the” ACT “, the involvement of everyday people in any kind of short or long ART, cultural activities , environmental, and other sports based on the fulfillment of undeveloped sides of his personality or concerns. The best use of time is wasted today rest largely in consumption or in the entertainment business. The use of international models, experiences, tools and techniques for the development of individual skills and competencies available everyone. The development of communication through “channels” of modern life. Development of techniques to eliminate the passivity of life even at rest, and develop methods for solving the problem of weak programming such actions from the everyday person.

Support and conduct events to raise awareness of the local community in cultural, sports education, environmental protection upgrade routine.

The organization or creation of schools and training courses of various subjects

H implementation actions of counseling, mentoring, training, education and training.

Developing initiatives to assist the community

The creation of the Movement Supporters Club

Cooperation with other agencies to protect the flora and fauna of sensitive ecosystems

Working with local and national organizations to capture, rescue, conservation and enhancement of cultural and natural resources

The Memorandum of Cooperation with other organizations similar interest in Greece and abroad.

The development of the Volunteer Spirit

Submission cultural – tourist proposals for implementation of actions relating to the cultural and tourism promotion – development,

Voluntary participation in improvement projects and maintenance and the development of corresponding studies for their implementation,

Participation with other agencies on projects, activities, interventions and programs for the improvement of daily life

The promotion of Greece and other countries, and the promotion of its products, which may take informal or formal and structured form.

The emergence, development and protection of cultural heritage and monuments of our country and beyond.

The organization of cultural activities and the actions and initiatives of cultural and social character.

H production of printed and electronic promotional material activities